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Get the prefect gift!

Looking for the perfect last minute gift?!??!? Viva Raw GIFT CARDS are the answer. Stop by the 7th Street Public Market Saturday 8:30 to 4:00 for the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Viva Raw Mimosa!

I really love a big Christmas breakfast and/or brunch. This year make it even better with a Viva Raw Mimosa!

Viva Raw Mimosa:

3 oz chilled Champaign or Ginger Ale
1 oz Viva Raw Citrus Twist
3/4 oz orange liqueur (optional)


Bags, Bags, Bags!!!

Thanks Kimberly Beroset for returning all the bags!

Do you have a stash of Viva Raw bags? In addition to serving as the ultimate fashion accessory, they were born to be vessels for fresh, cold-pressed juice. Return them so they can fulfill their ultimate calling!!