Why Should I Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a great way to hit the reset button. It not only aides in flushing out toxins and other impurities. A cleanse also helps to replenish deficient levels of vitamins and minerals and lessen our dependence on refined carbohydrates. As you give yourself a break from the heavy work of processing harder to digest foods like meat and dairy, it frees up resources in the body for healing and restoration.

How Do I Choose A Cleanse?

Below are brief descriptions of each of our cleanse programs. Note that you can do any of the cleanses for any number of days. Most first-time cleansers choose the Viva Raw Cleanse for three days. It is a palatable mix of vegetables and fruit (mostly veggies) and has enough calories to sustain most even without food for the duration of your cleanse. Please contact us if you have any questions about which program and what duration would be best for you.

Can I Customize My Cleanse?

Note that you can switch out juices in your shopping cart after selecting your cleanse. Just be sure to keep the emphasis on the green juices as they are the most nutrient dense, have the least sugars and are the most alkaline. Acceptable substitutions are additional green juices, Señorita Aloe and Señor Cactus. The “milks” (e.g., Almond Bliss) are not as essential as the juices, so you can eliminate them altogether or upgrade to straight Almond Milk (a lighter version of Almond Bliss) or Hempfield (a good balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy inflammation response).

How Do I Prepare? Are There Other Instructions?

Finally, be sure to download a copy of our Cleanse Guide (above and to the right). The Guide includes important information for making the cleanse a little easier and for maximizing its effectiveness. It also includes details on the recommended five days of plant-based diet leading up to and following your cleanse. If you’re looking for some easy plant-based recipes for snacks and meals during the prep and follow-up, send us a message in the Questions & Comments section below and we’ll e-mail some over.

Renewal Cleanse

For the Health Conscious
Are you simply too rushed for time to feed your body the sustenance it needs to thrive, and still want to eat with the family? The Daily Renewal Cleanse is perfect for you. Though we call it a cleanse, this program was designed to provide all the daily nutrition your body craves! We provide you with five juices each day which you will supplement with a plant-based meal, preferably in the early evening.

Viva Raw Cleanse

For the Inspired
The Viva Raw Cleanse is a great way to jump start a new personal health program. In just three short days, you can shed toxins that make you feel sluggish and weighed down. We will guide you through the experience. At the end of your cleanse, you will experience a renewed sense of health, leaving you eager to continue treating your body well!

Revolutionary Cleanse

For the Seasoned Cleanser
You are the pro, the elite athlete, the health guru, the body conscious! We made this cleanse just for you. The Revolutionary Cleanse takes your juice fast to a higher level and delivers pure, unadulterated goodness.