Do you ship your products?

Viva Raw does not currently ship juices. We offer retail and subscription juice programs for pickup in Charlotte at The Market at 7th Street and a few other locations. We are concentrating our initial efforts on establishing more locations throughout Charlotte and then on developing additional storefronts throughout the Carolinas. Stay tuned for updates.

What is the shelf life of your juices?

Viva Raw produces cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurized juices with the highest levels of nutritional density. Over time these nutrients gradually break down, so we are careful to rotate our inventory making sure our juices never stay on the shelf for more than a few days. After the fourth day, we move the bottles to the “Ripened to Perfection” shelf where you can buy them for 30% off. After the seventh day, we take them off the shelf (but thankfully they almost always sell before then!). The expiration date on all juices is 7 days from the press date. The expiration date on all “milks” is 4 days from the date they were made.

Can I drink your juice while pregnant?

Our juice is nothing more than raw fruits and vegetables, however we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional. Moreover, the FDA requires we post this food warning on all of our products since they are unpasteurized: “This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune systems.”

Where does Viva Raw buy produce?

Viva Raw buys fruits and vegetables, as much as possible, from our network of local farmers throughout the Carolinas. We promote local business, and welcome new relationships. Please email info@viva-raw.com if you are interested in becoming a supplier.

Why does Viva Raw use HDPE bottles instead of plant based plastic bottles?

At this point plastics research and manufacturing studies continue to prove that it takes more energy to produce and recycle plant based plastics than HDPE. In addition plant based plastics cannot be recycled together with other standard plastics thereby creating a greater recycling expense, and leaving behind a larger carbon footprint. Our bottles are HDPE, the most commonly used and recycled plastic; they are made of 20% post consumer waste. Viva Raw is currently researching additional sustainable packaging solutions and will keep you posted.

What does RAW mean?

Viva Raw only manufactures raw, unpasteurized juices and foods. Many raw foodists define “raw” as never having been heated above 118°. As a part of the company’s differentiation, Viva Raw takes it one step further keeping our foods below 105° to preserve living enzyme and protein levels. While most juice retailers manufacture tasty bottled juices, the nutritional values have been nearly wiped out during the pasteurization process necessary to extend the shelf-life.

Are you local?

Yes we are! Viva Raw presently has two facilities: a commercial production kitchen located at 1438 Winnifred Street and a retail storefront at The Market at 7th Street in Uptown Charlotte, NC.

What are the benefits of cold pressed juices over all other juicing processes?

There are several ways to extract juice: standard masticating process (churning and crushing); centrifuge (spinning) or cold pressing (hydraulic pressing). Viva Raw uses the cold press process to prevent oxidation, and to extract the highest number of living enzymes and nutrition present in fruits and vegetables by omitting any heat caused by friction as found in other processes.

What is your best seller?

Green Harvest is, hands down, our best seller. With a combination of kale, collards, cucumber, celery, parsley, apple and lemon, it has just enough sweetness from the apple to balance out the greens. Green Harvest has such a wide array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients and therefore can be used as a daily supplement or as part of a juice cleanse and detox.

Can your juices serve as meal replacements?

Viva Raw juices may be enjoyed purely as a refreshing juice, as a juice cleanse or as a “Juice til Dinner” option. The average caloric index for our juices is approximately 120 calories. That may be enough for some, while others with higher activity schedules may require more calories. Give us a call at 980-275-3834 to discuss a personal program for you!

Would Viva Raw speak or offer juice samples at our event?

We welcome invitations to community events promoting health and wellness. E-mail info@viva-raw.com with details and we’ll get back to you shortly.